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Your Buddy For Aircon Servicing In Singapore

Is your aircon not working?

Is your aircon leaking or blowing out warm air?

Let Aircon Buddy service and maintain your air conditioner back to good shape.

Why You Need Good Aircon Servicing

aircon servicing singapore necessary

‘Poor aircon maintenance can lead to higher monthly electricity bills’

Living in Singapore means that servicing your aircon is necessary for the maintenance and efficiency of your air conditioner at home as well as office.

This should be done by a reliable aircon service company in Singapore.

With the increasing cost of electricity rates and aircon taking up close to 40% of your total energy usage, it will hurt your pockets if you do not maintain your aircon well.

Here are some facts as to why you need good aircon maintenance :

Regular aircon cleaning and maintenance ensure that any problems are taken care of in a timely manner before they become worse.

In a well developed and heavy populated city of Singapore, it has become difficult to breathe in clean air. The air conditioner service removes dirt and dust from the air giving you clean and fresh air to breathe in.

The pileup of dirt and fungus in your air conditioner leads to damage and water leakage. With regular air con cleaning in Singapore, you can ensure that your unit works with optimal efficiency.

Air conditioner servicing helps enhance the efficiency of your unit, which means cost savings on your electricity bills.

Many people do not consider aircon servicing on a regular basis, which is a serious mistake. This can lead to serious problems resulting in a waste of time, money, resources and bad sleep. If early detection of the issue is done during aircon cleaning, serious issues can be avoided.

When you hire a good aircon company, they will give you helpful and professional advice regarding the maintenance of your indoor and outdoor units. This enables you to identify the problem yourself if anything goes wrong and be able to take proper care of your expensive investment.

Range of Aircon Services That We Provide

Aircon Buddy provides residential servicing.

This will include HDB units, condos and landed property.

For residential units, we can efficiently manage, maintain and service all types and brands of air conditioning units.

ranges of aircon services for homes

Our range of air conditioning services includes the following:

Our regular air conditioner cleaning keeps your air con in optimal working condition for peak performance and maximum efficiency.

With the help of chemical cleaning, issues like water leaking or bad odour can be effectively resolved. It is a great way to enhance the life of your air conditioner without any problem.

Is there any gas leakage in your aircon system? No problem, use our Aircon gas top-up service for the coolest and most refreshing indoor environment.

Utilise our remarkable way of aircon steam cleaning which thoroughly cleans, disinfects and eliminates damp odour from your aircon unit.

Is Your Aircon Leaking?

‘Don’t lose your cool’

aircon leaking

One of the most common aircon complains that we often have from our customers is to fix their aircon leakage.

There can be two major reasons when this happens in an aircon unit.

Either the your air con has not been performed on a regular basis which caused a blockage of the water drainage pipe.

Or the condense pump in your air conditioner needs replacement as it has failed.

Our professional technician will perform an on-site analysis and repair.

Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to come by and repair your aircon leakage.

Aircon Maintenance

Our aircon technicians will also give you helpful advice regarding regular aircon maintenance.

There are many ways that you can maintain the aircon on your own before your regular servicing.

This will help you keep it clean and diagnose any issues before they become worse and get more expensive to repair.

Don't Stinge On Regular Aircon Maintenance

‘Your wife is hot. Better get your aircon fixed’

Aircon maintenance won’t cost you a fortune if you hire a reliable aircon servicing company.

You need a regular maintenance plan to prolong the life and improve the performance of your air conditioning system.

When the air conditioning system gets clogged or dirt builds up in the system, the performance is dramatically reduced with increased energy usage.

This leads to a lot more usage of electricity than necessary.

Whether you need regular aircon cleaning services, a comprehensive aircon maintenance plan or just someone to sort out a nagging issue, our professional technicians can fulfill all your needs and offer the best air conditioner services at the most competitive rates.