Aircon Chemical Wash

aircon chemical sprayAfter investing in an aircon system, you should ensure that you carry out a proper aircon chemical wash schedule to prolong its lifespan and efficiency.

Most people will only clean and wash the filters and assume that it is good enough. However, this assumption is incorrect as the internal parts tend to accumulate dust over time and usage.

It is necessary to get a good aircon servicing company to do a chemical wash.

We will give you a better understanding of how to maintain your air conditioner by taking you through the process.

What Is A Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical cleaning involves cleaning the inner components of your air conditioner using a chemical solution. The machine builds up grime and dust after some time.

Washing these internal parts regularly can boost the functioning of your device for it to operate smoothly.

Regular cleaning can take care of dust particles, but it does not get rid of the other yucky stuff that sometimes builds upon areas such as the condenser, evaporator coil of the aircon or filter.

Without chemical washing, these corrosive elements may damage the delicate parts and reduce the performance of your air conditioner.

When To Do A Chemical Wash

checklist for aircon chemical wash

There are signs that you should watch out for to determine the need for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore.

For instance, if your air conditioner is still not cold even after normal servicing and cleaning the filters, it might be time for a chemical wash.

Often enough, poor performing air conditioners often overuse electricity. A sudden rise in your electricity usage is also a possible indication that your aircon is not functioning at its optimum capacity.

In normal circumstances, an air conditioner should not be loud when operating. Excess noise when you turn it on is a sign of accumulation of debris on some internal components which means that your aircon has to work a lot harder to keep your room cool.

Talk to a certified aircon technician to access the situation and recommended the next best course of action.

How Often Should You Do It

To really keep your aircon running in tip-top condition, it would be best to do a chemical wash every six months.

However, if you use your aircon a lot more frequently than most households, like running it all day long, then it would be best to do it every quarter.

This is to minimise the build-up of grime and dirt in the internals of your aircon.

Please do not attempt to do chemical cleaning on your own as this can damage the wiring and electronics of the aircon if you do not know how to do it properly.

Benefits Of Doing A Chemical Wash

It Saves On Electricity Bills 

For most households, aircon usage makes up close to 40% of the electricity bill. Furthermore, if your unit is dirty, it can easily consume another 10-20% more energy. A chemical wash can make your aircon more energy efficient and save no your bills.

Boosts The Air Quality

Most of us keep the aircon on throughout the night. That’s easily 7-8 hours of breathing air that is being blown out from the aircon. If your air conditioner is filthy, think of the amount of dirty air that you or your loved ones are inhaling every night.

Chemical washing helps your system to start producing clean and fresh air. This can prevent respiratory problems in the long run.

Increases Durability

With proper maintenance, your aircon system can easily last for a decade or more. A chemical wash ensures that the internal parts of the aircon do not get damaged from the accumulation of corrosive elements. Therefore, you are saving yourself additional servicing expenses of doing repairs in the future.

Aircon Chemical Wash Versus Chemical Overhaul

As mentioned earlier, a chemical wash mostly is washing of the evaporator coils with a chemical solution.

For a chemical overhaul, this will include dismantling the internal parts of your aircon like the filters, blower coils, etc for a more thorough clean up and inspection of the individual components.

A chemical overhaul is usually necessary for aircon units that have not been serviced or cleaned for a long period of time and is starting to have problems.

Importance Of Regular Aircon Servicing

Not many people understand the importance of regular aircon servicing in Singapore. It’s usually done after there’s a problem with the aircon rather than a preventive measure.

A well-maintained aircon will save you lots of headache and repair costs in the long run.