Aircon Gas Top Up

An aircon gas top up is often overlooked by many people living in Singapore. Not many realise how important it is to get a gas top up once in a while in order for their aircon to continuously work properly.

What Is An Aircon Gas Top Up

aircon gas top upTopping up the gas for your aircon is a process that requires adding more gas coolant to your air conditioner. Technicians recommend that you have your aircon maintained at least once or twice a year to avoid any damages to it and to reduce any chances of a gas leakage.

When you get your aircon maintained on a regular basis, there is also a lesser chance that any damages can occur. Your air conditioner will stay powerful and produce cool air in a more efficient way if it is serviced regularly.

Causes Of Aircon Gas Leakage

A gas top up is needed when it is discovered that the gas levels are low in your aircon. If the gas levels are low this means that your unit is not functioning properly due to a leak or a hole.

Bad Aircon Installation

Having your aircon installed properly after purchasing your unit can save you a lot of headache in the long run. Making sure that the nuts are properly tightened and copper pipes accurately bent can prevent refrigerant leaks.

Wear And Tear

Not something that can be prevented as internal parts do start to wear out after many years of usage. The good thing is these defective parts can be changed to prevent more damage if you service your aircon regularly by a trained aircon technician.

Getting A Lemon Unit

Even the best aircon brands tend to have dodgy quality assurance from time to time. There are many parts that make up an aircon so it just takes one or two badly assembled parts to mess things up.

Types Of Gases Used For A Gas Top Up

There are two different types of gases that you can choose from for your aircon gas top up in Singapore.


The first type of gas is R410A, which is typically found in the popular brand name Puron. The newest types of aircon models are the ones that use R410A the most.

The chemical involved with this type of gas is known as Hydro-Fluorocarbon or HFC. This type of gas is not harmful to the environment which is why many people prefer to use it.


The brand name that many people are familiar with for R22 is Freon. However, this is no longer used in newer models because it is been known to be dangerous for the environment as it depletes the ozone layer.

R22 is also a more expensive refrigerant compared to R410A. A gas top up is usually more expensive for older aircon models.

Benefits Of An Aircon Gas Top Up

Your Aircon Will Be More Efficient

If your aircon is lacking in refrigerant, this means that it will have to work a lot harder to keep your room cool. Having to maintain the usual cool temperatures will take a lot more effort from its parts.

Prevents More Wear And Tear

If your aircon unit is having to work another 20-30% harder to keep your room cool, think of the amount of stress this puts the aircon under, especially the compressor, from daily usage. A proper level of refrigerant will prevent this from happening.

You Save On Electricity Bills

For most Singapore households, aircon usage forms close to 40% of the total electricity bill. If your aircon has to work harder due to the lack of gas, then will cause your bills to go up even more.

Importance Of Regular Aircon Servicing

Not many people understand the importance of regular aircon servicing in Singapore. It’s usually done after there’s a problem with the aircon rather than a preventive measure.

A well-maintained aircon will save you lots of headache and repair costs in the long run.