Aircon Leakage

aircon leakingAircon leakage is a common problem that often affects air conditioners from time to time.

Although it can start off as a small problem, if you leave it unattended it can cause severe damage to your air conditioning system, your ceiling and your wall on which it is installed.

It is important that you understand when water leakage is considered normal and when it is indicative of a problem in the aircon unit, which requires professional air conditioner repair.

Water leakage from the outside of the unit that drains away is normal, but if water leakage is from the aircon and onto your floor or walls then it is alarming and needs to be looked at urgently.

Why Is Your Aircon Leaking?

There can be different reasons behind your aircon dripping water.

Some of the commonly observed causes include the following:

  • The condensation drain line of the aircon has clogged
  • The drain pan is damaged, rusted or overflowing
  • Condensate pipe is broken
  • Your aircon filter is too filthy
  • Improper installation of your aircon

You need to inspect your aircon to see what is causing the leakage.

First, check your air filter. If you find it dirty then clean it thoroughly.

dirty aircon filter can cause aircon leakage

If the water leakage does not stop after cleaning the filter, check the drain pan.

If it is not rusty, damaged or overflowing, then you need to call for an aircon servicing professional to help identify the issue.

How Much Water Leakage is Normal?

If your home is located in a region with a hot and humid climate like Singapore, then you are likely to find a small condensation puddle near the aircon’s drain pipe, which is normal.

This is because your aircon unit works hard to keep the environment cool inside your home under such weather conditions.

How Much Water Leakage is Too Much?

There is a thin line between the air conditioner working normally and when it requires repair. When your aircon is working normally it should only produce condensation when it is functioning.

 A sign that your air conditioner is not operating properly is persistent water leakage or a very large puddle of water under your aircon for a day or two or more.

If you observe this condition, then it is time to get it repaired.

Dangers of Using a Leaking Aircon

Many of you might have encountered the aircon leakage issue and might have ignored the leakage and continue to use your aircon night after night.

However, this can be quite dangerous not just for your air conditioning unit, but also for your home and family members.

Health Hazards

dangers of using leaking airconIf the air conditioner coolant is leaking in your house, it quickly evaporates and forms a gas, which can be harmful to the health of the occupants.

It can be a cause of various health issues like nausea, headaches and respiratory problems, or in extreme cases, asphyxiation.

If the coolant contacts the skin, it may cause dryness, itching, cracking and irritation.

The inhalation of the coolant even for a short period of time may cause a rise in heart rates, feelings of dizziness and loss of coordination.

The prolonged inhalation or exposure may cause more serious physical conditions like breath shortness, unconsciousness, coughing or in severe instances may result in death.

It is not something that you would want to leave unattended.

Damage To The Air Conditioner System

If you continue to use your air conditioning system when the aircon is leaking water, additional pressure is placed on the compressor of your aircon. This pressure can cause irreversible damage to your device and the compressor can be very expensive to replace.

Even if your aircon unit is repairable, the repair costs can be high.

In addition to the high repair costs, if you use your aircon while it’s leaking, your unit will consume 20%-30% more energy which would result in higher energy bills.

How to Fix A Leaking Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is dripping water, the repair can be straightforward and cheap or it could be rather expensive, depending on the assessment of the aircon technician.

If the leakage is found in the pipe or valve or due to the damaged pan, then it is possible to repair or replace these without spending too much money.

If the coolant is low that can also be easily topped up and the leak sealed.

If the leakage remains undetected for a longer time period or it is in the condenser coil or the evaporator, then you need professional help.

With early problem detection, you can save yourself from the hassle from heavy repair expenses that may incur on in case of severe damage.

Don't Wait To Get It Fixed

When you leave your aircon issues unattended, the problems can magnify, leading to complete aircon failure and replacement.

This will cost you a lot more than if you were to pay for regular aircon servicing. Although air conditioning units do not usually have such fatal leakage levels, this doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the issue at hand.

If you find even a small water leakage it is highly recommended that you get it looked at without much delay.

It is also advisable that you have regular air con servicing. This will help you detect any potential issues that can cause major malfunctions down the road.

Importance Of Regular Aircon Servicing

By ensuring that you have a regular schedule when it comes to keeping your aircon in optimum condition, it will be kept in optimal condition for many years to come.

Don’t wait for problems to start happening before calling for repairs. It might be very expensive by then.