Aircon Maintenance

With a climate like Singapore, you shouldn’t wait for a malfunction in your cooling system to do aircon maintenance.

Or you’ll be having trouble falling asleep when the weather is warm.

It the same way, you don’t have to spend lots of money always having a professional over to check on your aircon especially when your servicing is not due.

There are things you can do to ensure smooth operation in your home or office, especially in particularly humid days.

Here are ten tips for air conditioner maintenance.

1. Change Or Wash Your Aircon Filters

dirty aircon filter can cause aircon leakageIf you’ve never cleaned your air con filter, we ask you to do so right after reading this article.

When dust particles, dirt, and allergens block the screen, this will automatically decrease the air flow.

The blown air will be polluted and not as cold.

After a few hours, the difference you will notice when you on your aircon will have you diligently washing it monthly. That does depend on the system you have.

Some have a washable filter that you can clean out after a similar duration.

Some units require you to change out the entire filter after a few months of usage. You also want to check the type of filter it uses before making a purchase. There typically tend to be cheap or reasonably priced.

2. Insulate Your Aircon Pipe

insulate aircon pipesThe next aircon maintenance in Singapore tip is using duct tape to seal the heating and cooling ducts around your home.

Doing so increases your aircon efficiency to an upward of 20 percent.

Take a trip around your house and seal ducts, starting with those in uncooled areas. That’s areas like the basement or attic if your stay in a landed property – basically spaces you’re hardly ever in.

Doing this is not complicated; seal the places that the piping connects or the seams of a pipe if it has one. You want to seal any area where air can escape.

If you don’t entirely mind spending a few extra dollars can also purchase insulation and wrap the air con pipe yourself.

3. Clean Your Aircon Blower

The other tip is cleaning the aircon blower to ensure that the air that comes out of your system is clean. If you’re wondering how to clean your aircon blower, it’s easy.

What you need are an aircon wash bag, a coil cleaner, and a water spray bottle.

Install the washbag under the air conditioner to avoid making a mess on the wall and floor.

Spray the coil cleaner (or mild detergent) onto the coil and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

Then, use a spray bottle to wash out the cleaner. While this is the standard approach, check with the manufacturer for cleaning tips.

Some brands have a removable aircon blower.

However, if your blower is too dirty from not being washed for many years, then it is best to get your aircon serviced by a professional.

4. Check The Wiring

Those who’ve had their air conditioner for a few months or years ought to check the wiring behind the access panel.

What should you be checking for?

Look out for melted wires or that are blacked from possible burning. If there’s a smell of burning wires, then there’s most definitely a problem with the electrical connections.

Should you note the above and aren’t confident about how to go about the wiring, call an aircon maintenance crew.

5. Investigate Your Condensor Unit Fan

When the air conditioner is off, look at the fan located in the condenser unit to see if it’s in good working condition.

Should you notice chips, cracks or bends on the blade, replace it to get the most out of your AC.

Older models will require that you oil the motor regularly; a squeaky noise is an indication that it’s due for aircon servicing.

6. Keep The Outside Clean

Dust and debris settle on the outer part of the air conditioner and affect the airflow. You, therefore, want to clean it regularly using a wet cloth. Plain water is enough.

Be careful not to bend or damage the coils. Clear out obstacles that might affect the functioning of the aircon.

Don’t forget to spray the back of your compressor if you’re able to. This gets rid of the dust and dirt build up over time.

7. Keep The Heat Out

Another way to maintain your air con is by not overworking it.

One of the ways to achieve this is being mindful of how much heat you let in. When the air conditioner is on, ensure the windows are closed and the thresholds blocked.

Even closing the pantry, laundry room or closet doors can make the difference in how hard the air conditioner works to keep rooms cool.

8. Adjust The Thermostat

adjust aircon thermostatUnless you’re home all day, you shouldn’t leave your air conditioner on.

You probably have a set schedule, and you know what time people are due to be home.

What you can do then is set the thermostat to go on 30 minutes the first person is expected to arrive.

That will then mean that everyone, thankfully, finds a cool home which would be a relief.

An ideal temperature setting about be about 24-25 degrees which is the ideal sleeping temperature at night.

You are paying a lot more for electricity by setting your aircon thermostat below that.

A one-degree increase in temperature saves about 3-5% in energy usage.

9. Call A professional For Maintenance

Aircon maintenance should be done every six months or less depending on the use. Keeping it working in optimum condition saves you cash in the long run.

There are things you can’t do yourself so calling a professional- and watching keenly- can help you note some little fixes that you can do yourself should there be a need.

Observing is another way to learn smart DIY moves.

10. Get An Upgrade

Sometimes, aircon maintenance is not enough when you’re racking up bills to keep your home cool.

When you notice that your utilities are higher yet nothing about your routine has changed, it is perhaps your air conditioner asking to be replaced, especially if it’s a much older model.

Will it be expensive? Perhaps, but when you compare how much you can save on energy, and then it’s definitely worth the purchase.

Talk to an aircon specialist or check online for air conditioning systems with high reviews and make the purchase and installation.

Your annual electricity bill will thank you even with aircon servicing.

Importance Of Regular Aircon Servicing

The above maintenance tips can extend the life of your air conditioner by a long way. However, it is also important to note that it’s necessary to engage an aircon technician do a more thorough check at regular intervals.

This will ensure that your aircon is properly serviced and any potential problems rectified to save you money in the long run.

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